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“African Americans,” as Asante notes, ” constitute the most heterogeneous group in the United States biologically, but perhaps one of the most homogeneous socially.” The mallet rises and falls and again the cycle of history turns.

The waning of Ta-Seti gave birth to the waxing of the majestic dynasties of Ancient Egypt.

Although in the nineteenth century Sir Richard Burton referred to modern Egyptians as “whitewashed niggers,” and Sir Flinders Petrie referred to their ancient ancestors as being of “course mulatto stock,” neither of these formulations serve to give an agreeable pedigree to the precursors of Western civilization.

One writer that deal with race is Lefkowitz (a textbook anti-African orientalist White Supremist) go to considerable lengths to prove that “Blacks,” however defined, are not part of the story.

The people called “Hamites” were found to belong to differing language families. Du Bois was right when he said: “We cannot if we are sane, divide the world into whites, yellows, and Blacks, and then call Blacks white.” He might have said that it would be equally as strange to call them “Mediterranean,” “Hamitic,” or a hundred other euphemisms. The “social “construction of race in America does not rely on skin color.The ideogram indicates the context in which the word applies.An ideogram for humans would always be used to represent a word that applied to people.Unique in its construction and the model for others to follow, the step pyramid was designed to resemble a celestial stairway leading to the heavens!The pyramid text and Solar Calendar were born by the Nile river as it drew the people to it and nourished them.The Pharaoh Narmer, also known as Aha Mena, bound together the two lands of upper and lower Egypt in his arms and founded the First Dynasty.Renown as the founder of Memphis, Narmer quickly established it as his capital and centre of administration.An ever lasting testimony to feats of engineering yet to be surpassed or equaled.What was to be described as the First Golden Age began in the third dynasty 5345-5043 BCE.To the far-fetched notion that visitors from beyond the stars or dwellers from inter-dimensional stargates erected the pyramids and then fled!Such arguments, particularly the latter, are hardly worthy of a response but doubts must be addressed and the voice of reason must prevail.

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