Dating someone with an addictive personality

'Peter was a couple of years older, and when we got married my father felt that I was far too young.

'I had a big meringue-style Princess Diana wedding dress, and friends called us the perfect couple.

I'd obsess over the finer details in my head and would end up entertaining suicidal thoughts. My rock bottom with love addiction came about three years ago, after a relationship with Sam, a married man I'd met over the internet, had ended.

'I found myself lying on the kitchen floor in the foetal position with a bottle of painkillers at my side.

'In my teens I wasn't sexually active because sex scared me.

'I developed an obsession with my weight and the scales were dictating what sort of a day I'd have.

If I was a pound lighter than the day before, I'd be happy.

'I was like a na've teenager in a woman's body, obsessing about men and my own desire to be the perfect girlfriend, believing that this would make men love me.

'I was addicted to the initial high you get in those first few weeks and months of a relationship.

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