Filipino concept of dating and marriage

The Philippines became famous for mail-order brides due to poverty and the lack of employment, forcing thousands of Filipinos to find work abroad and to seek marriage with foreigners.

They were seeking a better life and to support their families back home.

She gamely relates how she met, got engaged and married her spouse.

“My husband Jason and I met in a way that’s still considered by the older generation as unconventional and unique, but in 2017 is actually commonplace: by meeting online through a dating web site,” Jam said.

“If they were gems, they’d figure out a way to visit me in the Philippines to meet up in person—a gesture that was itself a sign that the guy is a keeper!

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I needed to meet new people who were more open-minded, who respected me as an equal who had valuable insights, who appreciated my type of humor and personality.Jam used to live in Ayala, Alabang, and one day opened a dating web site.Jam said her husband-to-be Jason “landed on my profile”. “I viewed his, found his profile interesting and initiated a correspondence.INTERRACIAL marriages in the country have existed long before the advent of air travel and the Internet.It is defined as “a marriage between spouses who belong to different races”.“In the six years that we’ve lived there and in the five years that we’ve been married, I tried very much to adapt to the definition of housewife Jason was familiar with, and while there were times when I thought I was doing a good job of it, the struggle that got me to that point was very real…especially once our son was born! “Now that we are based in Singapore, where we have household help, I feel slightly more confident being my own brand of housewife: a convenient mix of the typical US stay-at-home mom who is capable to do everything and more and a Filipino leader of the house who knows how to delegate and supervise,” she said. “My family is much smaller and less connected because it is spread all around the US, which is a very big country.” He added he never had the concept of a close, extended family.“Even my immediate family put more emphasis on independence and self-reliance than Jam’s,” Jason said.Interracial marriage was historically a taboo in the US and outlawed in South Africa.It was formally declared legal in the former only in 1967.RA 10906 also protects “Filipino spouses” and also includes digital platforms, but not including social-media sites.While protecting against immediate permanent arrangements, the law does not cover dating web sites, or businesses that only aim to let foreigners meet Filipinos for purposes other than marriage or common-law partnerships.

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  2. And when dates didn’t work out, they'd tell hilarious stories about the debacle. Five years ago I got divorced, and the gates to that digital-dating domain — more massive and confusing than ever — finally opened up for me.