Is dating a pothead bad Horney midget dating

I thought about leaving, but I was already so in love with him I figured that I would stick it out to see how things went.I remember a trip we took to the beach, and he was obsessed with making pot brownies.

We invited our readers to take part in a study last year to let us know what their generation is all about.He had strained relationships with his family members and his friends because he would just literally disappear for days on end.His good friends would just kind of accept that he was like that.I was just so upset that he couldnt have a good time without having to smoke pot.He would smoke when he was happy, bored, or when he had to make a decision.It is unfortunate and difficult, because potheads are not horrible or violent people.He was extremely intelligent and had many good qualities, but I dont want to live like he lives.I thought maybe he had a thing for her, and I even started to start worrying about his fidelity.But then one time I went with him to hang out with her, and I realized that she was just as much of a pothead as he was!I didnt realize he smoked every day, and often many times a day, until I began to see him more.Everything was happy and cheery in the dating stage, but I had no idea the extent to which he smoked pot.

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