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Australia's gay and lesbian history dates back well before the colonial era.

As long as there have been humans living on this continent, there have been gay, lesbian and bisexual Australians, writes Andrew M Potts.

BEFORE THE COMING OF THE WHITE MEN Indigenous Australia includes hundreds of different clans and peoples, each with their own language or dialect, and each with their own unique cultures and spiritual beliefs that have evolved over the 50,000-plus years their ancestors have inhabited this continent.

Before colonisation by Europeans, a wide variety of codes and laws operated across the land mass and islands of Australia.

The busty brunette defiantly claimed she feels like men have not been game enough to speak to her in the past because of her glamorous appearance.'I like to do myself up, so I don't look bad all the time,' Jasmine said.'Maybe I'm less approachable for guys.'The Forever New assistant manager from Wollongong added that she is not a fan of cliche's, telling the hosts that she's grown tired of conversation starter-type questions like 'How old are you?

Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives - The Archives are the only community group in Australia that actively collects and preserves lesbian and gay material from across the country, and makes it readily accessible.

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During this time, two young sailors, Adriaen Spoor and Pieter Engels, were caught by their crewmen in "the abominable and god-forsaken deeds of Sodom and Gomorrah" and sentenced to death.

Between the years 16, the population of England doubled, with the Industrial Revolution bringing hordes of people into its cities.

With no social security, the resulting slums and urban poverty led to an epidemic of crime.

Hitting a submerged reef, ten men drowned and two weeks passed before the crew could even launch a rescue boat.

The desperate survivors used a single longboat to send 11 of their strongest men to Java for rescue - but they were never seen or heard from again.

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